corrine, "rine"
twenty-one , he/her & xe/xer
transmasc + femme lesbian
agender, aroace, EMT
indian . intj 3w4 358 ILI
i'm in love with this guy
top 500 widowmaker



decolonize palestinesudan crisisfree congohelp for yemenaid to tigraycall a stop to genocide in syriainformation on congo's genocide ✦ live updates from palestinian journalists ✦ if you know of any other resources on imperative happenings, please send me them so that i may look. thank you.





marine life (especially sharks) , tea & hot chocolate, because i hate coffee. bitter foods are the absolute worst! ocean documentaries, aquariums, birds && falconry. honey, nice perfumes and cosmetic items, characters i can relate to, rainy days, passionate & kind people, my close friend circle, classical music, medical sciences, bollywood
lovemail 4 wriothesley, pierro, & gallagher because i am normal. my boyfriend because he's cool i guess so he can go here too idk. very autistic over neuvillette, aventurine, and dottore i am their #1 fan in the whole wide world this isn't open for debate they're my ocs
overwatch, genshin impact, valorant, baldur's gate, dead by daylight, pokemon, animal crossing, splatoon, stardew valley, red dead redemption, apex legends, minecraft, the walking dead, monster prom, nier, wizard 101, honkai : star rail, overcooked, club penguin, texas chainsaw massacre, roblox, animal jam, webkinz & moshi monsters
castlevania, beastars, tokyo ghoul, adventure time, ninjago, arcane, aggretsuko, death parade, cookie run franchise, sk8 the infinity, demon slayer, spy x family, the owl house, bridgerton , total drama island, monster high, my little pony, we bare bears, la casa de papel, pixar's cars, ice age, ratatouille, all of us are dead, business proposal, dungeon meshi, killing eve,+ more
i<3you sai nick kaden mimi nikki venus lucero



hi _ don't be afraid to reach out if we share interests (: <3 i don't bite if you're normal and i try to be courteous, prommy. i can struggle to reply to things in a timely manner because i can be pretty asocial. give me a nudge if i'm taking too long. i have an extensive schedule though, i work and go to school and barely even get sleep these days tbh so if i don't respond to you quickly that is most likely why. that being said i have a phd in yappology if that isn't obvious already. i love my listed likes. fav ships r also gallagher x aventurine , dottore x pierro && wriothesley x neuvillette. like them a little bit too much so i'm sorry in advance if i talk a lot about them. my main messaging platforms are imessage and discord for the love of god and your own sanity don't bother reaching out to me via insta or twt my ass does not check those inboxes.
i am diagnosed as autistic and have other verdicts' according to @evil eviiiiil doctors which make interacting difficult. please use tonetags for me if we aren't close and what you are saying is ambiguous. if you'd like to be friends i'd be more than happy to speak with you! just know it may take me time to warm up (: i tend to unadd / block people liberally if i decide they don't align with my values or i simply don't like them , but i will always tell you first. don't call me curse words, even in a friendly manner, unless i have given you specific permission. maintain some class on the internet, please, you wouldn't be doing that irl lol. on the other hand i love light-heartedly messing with people && think it's funny when people poke fun back @ me.
i try not to be disingenuous but i do mask a lot, sorrryyyyy. please talk to me if something bothers you. i reflect that same courtesy. i'm opinionated & morally-rigid + am forward with when i don't like something. i'm aware it earns me some negative reputation, but i'm not changing that so don't complain 2 me. not gonna apologize for having a backbone when you internet neets wanna push buttons. also idk why people are allergic to standards and not being weird but yeah, i prefer straight forward communication, please & thanks. if you're a sucky person i reserve the right to be mean. if you want to take me to court or dislike me over some petty issue , i've got my lawyer's contact here.
if you ship things that fall under the proship label , i don't want to engage with that content. ships that invalidate lesbian or gay coding, too. i will instablock you if you seem to consume media non-critically. there are some ships that are not proship, but still too immoral, which i will block you for enjoying immediately ( e.g. aventio , dr. ratio referred to aventurine as an uneducated slave and only apologized for assuming he's an orphan ) that's just one example of reasoning. preferring dark content is different from what i am referring to, by the way.
twt exclusive notes : i think discourse is stupid so i don't tend to engage in it given ppl on this app are braindead anyway. i block/filter content i don't like. if i softblock or unmoot it usually isn't personal i just might not prefer some things you post on my timeline or don't wish to interact with it, so i see no point in maintaining a follow. i cannot curate every person i follow pls there's like 5 billion people i subscribe to , if someone's unethical just dm me about it so i can unfollow. thanks
hoyoverse fandom notes : please seek therapy why are y'all racist & rude and then get mad when people won't take it


here are things i will not tolerate:
if you are ableist towards any sort of disorder or disability. if you have some kind of prejudice towards cluster b or systems idk why you're here bc you're probably going to have a hard time interacting with me anyway lol. you are allergic to being communicative and receptive. if you are a sheep who believes everything you are told without evidence. if you enable bullies or abusers. if you are a people pleaser who allows it to harm others. if you are someone i've severed ties with, especially due to the above reasonings, i do not like you. do not contact me unless you've changed.
don't talk to me if: you are a stan of any vivziepop media. taylor swift enjoyers. jschlatt fan because yes he is racist so lol. also if you're a person of color who uses your label as a crutch to speak over other poc's communities, you're weird. white people who are excessively obsessed with sumeru put me off. i will likely ignore your interp in roleplays if it's not to my standard of mending the issues a media has conjured with its failed attempt at proper representation. i swear to god if you are weird about aventurine in any sort of manner please die , btw. also if i think someone you associate with is a freak i'm going to judge you too because who someone surrounds themselves with is very telling.
being critical of media is imporant. bashing interests without constructive or legitimate reasoning is lame. there used to be a time where if something that wasn't immoral doesn't suit your tastes, you'd simply filter the content you consume or ignore it. be normal. naturally, people are allowed to have opinions but there's a time and place for those. i lack an extensive or " basic" dni because i don't think it's worth asking people to have a brain, that should be a given. obviously basic dni criteria applies.


double friendly, bc i'm not chronically online. this is just for fun! it's inconsistent bc this is just the list as a collective lol. some of them are id's , i won't bother listing them , but just something to keep in mind


got to catch them all !


i try to keep this up to date. here are finished carrds i have created for my muses. there are some muses i have that do not possess one yet, and they will be listed below, too. except their images won't lead to a link, of course. click to visit their page.